Baggy Tshirt

Baggy T-shirts are similar to oversized T-shirts, but generally, they are way looser in fit compared to oversized T-shirts. So, to buy a Baggy Tshirt, you can check the Baggy Tshirts featured in this article.

NETCLICK Mens Solid Dotted Unique Design Baggy Tshirt for Men – Round Neck Loose Fit Mens T-Shirt

Baggy Tshirt

The Netclick has a Baggy tshirt you can buy around ₹500. The Baggy Tshirt has 7 colours to choose from. With the Polycotton material, the Baggy Tshirt will look quite unique.

Veirdo Oversized Baggy Fit Comfortable Pure Cotton Round Neck Drop For Men

Baggy Tshirts

Another Baggy Tshirt you can buy is Veirdo’s Baggy Tshirt. The Baggy Tshirt also has 6 colours, and for around ₹500, you can buy this tshirt as well.

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